Wow! I love this one right off the bat. Roseberry is a matte color that will be an amazing base for all those glosses I mentioned in my last post. It’s fabulous by itself, but I’m looking forward to layering it with some of the lighter colors to see how it looks toned down a bit. Love me some color!

Gloss Like a Boss

One way to make your favorite LipSense color into your two favorite LipSense colors is by switching up the gloss you seal it with! Most people start with Glossy, but these are all the glosses I have in stock right now. Take a look at these extreme closeups to see the difference between the shimmer and frost effects of all the different glosses. Rose is a little pink, Orchid is a litter pinker, and Bougainvillea is the pinkest and shimmeriest! Opal gives an amazing blue/pink holographic shine to any color. Silver Glitter just came in and it’s a dazzling Vegas gloss if ever there was one! Not so glittery? Try Sand. Looking for a subdued office look? Maybe Matte is the gloss for you. $20 each, but 10% off if you mention this album!

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I’ve layered Nutmeg with other colors before, but wow it’s beautiful by itself! It’s a shimmery bronze that’s perfect for a summer tan. (Note to self: Get a summer tan.)

Aussie Rose

On a happy Sunday, I’m inspired to go back to one of my first and favorite LipSense selfies. Aussie Rose makes me feel pretty and feminine, words I don’t often apply to myself. Such is the power of a lip color that lasts all day long without smudging or smearing. Girl power!AussieRoseCollage

Just Perfect

Luv It is a light, sparkly color — a little too light for my taste. Nutmeg is a rich, luscious auburn — maybe too dramatic for a casual Saturday outing. Here’s two layers of Luv It and one layer of Nutmeg. (Plus Glossy Gloss, of course.) This is just what I was going for!20170624_102215

Amy Mild and Wild

Although I’ve always loved lipstick, I’ve never been too adventurous with color. One medium mauve, maybe one on the brownish side, never too bright, never too dark. Well, LipSense has opened my eyes. 

On the left is Dawn Rising, a natural, warm color with a subtle shimmer. Demure. Polite. Charmed to meet you, I’m sure.

And on the right is Dark Pink. It’s what my sister and I might call “PANK.” Vibrant and fun and…well, it’s duck face inducing. Please forgive my enthusiasm.

How Do I Love Thee, LipSense?

Let me count the ways.

  • I love LipSense because it goes on beautifully in the morning and stays on all day long. Seriously. It’s like my lips are actually that color.
  • I love LipSense because it doesn’t bleed into the tiny creases around my lips…because I’m not 20 anymore. (Or 30. Or 40. Or 50. Let’s just stop counting, OK?)
  • I love LipSense because it doesn’t smudge. It doesn’t come off on my coffee cup or my straw or my wine glass or my teeth. It Doesn’t Come Off.
  • I love LipSense because it comes in a fabulous variety of colors, from neutrals to bold, from the coraliest coral to the purpliest purple.
  • I love LipSense because it’s Vegan, GMO-free, and not tested on animals.
  • I love LipSense because it’s free of wax and gluten.
  • I love LipSense because it’s made in the USA.
  • Most of all, I love LipSense because it looks amazing on me!